Welcome to the website for the Yoga Circle. We are a yoga studio located in Chicago's River North area. We offer introductory classes for those new to yoga, as well as a wide range of classes and workshops for students who already have experience with yoga. Download Asana Sequences (pdf).

Give the gift of yoga with a Yoga Circle gift certificate.
Purchase a gift certificate and share the benefits of yoga with someone you care about. Gift certificates are available in any amount. We recommend $18 for a single class or $55 for a 4 class package.

Monthly Events:
Restorative with Lisa Sandquist
Once per month on Saturdays 2 - 4:15 pm $40
March 7, April 25, May 16, June 20
Restorative yoga is a quiet, internally-focused practice where the body is fully
supported by props to promote deep relaxation and health. Benefits include better
sleep, digestion and stronger immunity.

Upcoming Workshops and Events:
Yoga Series for a Healthy Back
Jan 10
The spine is the central feature of the human body. It supports the head, gives stability to the pectoral and pelvic girdle, and transmits body weight while standing and walking. In the yogic tradition, the spine is the abode of the nadis, channels through which the energies of the subtle body are said to flow. Muscular imbalance, spinal curve distortion, and incorrect posture cause back pain, body misalignment, and loss of energy. If you wish to improve your understanding of back issues, learn how traditional and modified yoga poses can help to improve spinal alignment and mobility, and to decrease back pain, this workshop is for you.

Safe Inversions for Back Care & Scoliosis
Feb 15
Feeling fearful of inversions due to your Scoliosis or back issues? Join DL for this workshop, which has a specific sequence to build up your courage to reach for the King and Queen of inversions, the Headstand and Shoulderstand! All the preparatory poses and inversions will be adjusted and propped with ropes, blocks, chairs, blankets and more, for the special needs of a back care student!

Establishing A Personal Practice with Gabriel
March 15
Starting a home practice is as sure sign that you are deepening your commitment to yoga. But there is so much to explore; it can be overwhelming. What poses should I practice? In what order? How long do I hold the poses? How do I know i I am doing them correctly? What should I do when my motivation is low? These and other questions will be addressed and answered with practical tips on how to guide yourself to the gift of a consistent yoga practice. Sequences for an AM and PM practice will be given and practiced, as well as how and when to use props.

Yoga Vacation - Mexico
March 21 - 28, 2015
At Villas Shanti, a secluded resort south of Cancun, our 19th annual vacation promises to heal and transform.

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THU Mar 5: 12:30 pm Gentle class

SUN Mar 15: 10 am w/ Todd & Bob